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That's Amore!
Feb 2010 G'ville Associate of the Month | News & Events 2010At February's in-service in Greenville on Tuesday night Karen Young put together an Italian feast of lasagna and garlic bread for the associates. The stove at the station was at full capacity so Parker and Maxie offered up their kitchens to complete the menu. Karen and Timmy Byrd served everyone. With bellies full and garlic on their breath the associates in Greenville were ready to get down to business at the February in-service.
A Message from the President!
2010 Cola Inservice Safety Winners | News & Events 2010It was fitting that on the day our country celebrated Presidents Day, the Columbia market was graced with a visit from of our own president, Mr. Keith Stille.
Along with his second in command, Tom Stille, he arrived at the Columbia station ready to rally the troops in what was sure to be an in-service to remember.
Aiken First to Embrace Change that Benefits
Joe Addison - Small | News & Events 2010

The Aiken Division was quite the lively crowd on Tuesday night. In between jokes, associates consumed some chicken strips, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, and chicken fingers and just about any other way, good ole yard bird can be served! If Bubba Gump served Chicken, he most certainly would have been proud!

New Greenville Office
2010 G'ville Opening Group 3 | News & Events 2010As many of you know, Palmetto Ambulance Service has been proudly serving the Greenville area since 2004. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our exceptional associates, we have grown in leaps and bounds in the upstate! On Tuesday night, January 26th, Palmetto Ambulance Service, with a much deserving crowd, celebrated the grand-opening of our brand new Greenville station.
Biggest Loser
Biggest Loser Medium Size | News & Events 2010Order up! One scramble with cheese plate, hash brown covered, smothered, diced, junked, and topped. Does this sound familiar? It may not be your exact order, but EMS workers can attest to which restaurants I am referring.
Annie! Annie! Are You Okay?!
AIken IST Mar. 2010 Summary Res | News & Events 2010Annie! Annie! Are you okay?! was the big phrase for the nights in-service. But before we started saving the lives of helpless unresponsive mannequins, everyone enjoyed slices of pizza between jokes. Mike Kinney started the festivities off by playing a little word trivia with the gang: What does Natal Cleft mean? There were many great guesses such as the belly button, top of the mouth or the soft spot atop a babys head but no one got it right until Clint Brotmarkle blurted the funniest answer. Everyone laughed because Clint is always making jokes but he took the prize home that night because he was right. You might be wondering what the answer was. You may even think you know. Well we arent about to spoil it here so youre gonna have to look that one up.
You're my Cuppycake
Cola IST March 2010 Summary Res | News & Events 2010So there we were, the entire staff of the Columbia market, feeding our bellies with the culinary masterpiece prepared by Palmettos own Ronnie Bonetto. Grilled chicken, Sausage dogs, Potato Salad, Cole-Slaw, Baked Beans and Bread were being enjoyed by all. As we washed our feast down with an assortment of sodas Derrick introduced our President/CEO, Keith Stille. No sooner than we began diving into dessert, Mr. Stille informed us we are all going on a diet! Yeah, it was time to put down the cupcakes.
Pink Is My Favorite Color
G'vill IST Mar. 2010  Summary Res | News & Events 2010The theme for Tuesday night's in-service in Greenville was "Pretty in pink!" To start with Clint and Keith must have called each other to coordinate outfits because they were sporting matching pink shirts. Of course their explanation was that they were supporting associate Jonathan Brown and his wife. The Browns are expecting their first child. A little baby girl! Associates came together to help celebrate with formula, wipes, clothes, a stroller and much more! Everyone enjoyed some pizza and pink decorated cake!
Greenville Associate Wedding 2010 | News & Events 2010A Palmetto Wedding

On March 17, 2010, Palmetto Ambulance Service had the great pleasure of joining Chris Medlin and Julie Cato in holy matrimony.
AIken IST April 2010-Summary Resource | News & Events 2010

Chicken Fight??

The Biggest Loser was the theme! Starting out right and finishing on top was the atmosphere at Aikens In-service last night. No more pizzas, no more burgers and no more chicken fingers, the new menu was delicious Subway sandwiches, baked chips and bottled water with flavoring. Although there were a few who decided to torture those participating in the BIGGEST Loser contest by bringing in KFC. The chickens aroma filled the room tempting all in attendance (Thanks Penny).

Biggest Loser Medium Size | News & Events 2010

Biggest Loser Update

Hello BIGGEST Losers,

Its time to start shedding weight, one pound at a time. I am proud of each you for participating and desiring to get healthy!!


Biggest Loser Medium Size | News & Events 2010

First Boot Camp 

Well BIGGEST Losers,

 Are you sore? If not, get off that couch and walk! Its time to get healthy! Tonight should have been the first night of the boot camp at the gym. Just think we actually pay these people to cause us pain!


Palmetto Nights Full Poster | News & Events 2010


Palmetto Nights - Quest for Day Shift


 Ladies and Gentleman... Here is what you've ALL been waiting for... Palmetto Nights...



Student Volunteers | News & Events 2010
Volunteer Students Lend a Hand  

Palmetto Ambulance Service would like to give a HUGE thank you to five brilliant students from The Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Alexander Chavious, Lindley Key, Courtney Pendleton, Jessica Moore and Kylie Erdley-DeBari truly stole the show volunteering their personal time as Palmetto's paparazzi, making the Red Carpet Event an amazing success! Click the links provided to learn more about this impressive school. Thanks again!


Back in Black Boys | News & Events 2010

2010 Annual S.C.H.C.A. Trade Show



Congrats on Winning Best Booth!!!


2010 Nursing Home Week Logo | News & Events 2010

 Nursing Home Week 2010!!






Last OSCAR POSTCARD | News & Events 2010


Palmetto Ambulance

"Annual Beach Bash"

We would like to thank everyone that came out and made the Annual Palmetto Ambulance Beach Bash a success!! 

We look forward to seeing everyone next year!!

Robert Alvin Moon Medium | News & Events 2010


A Local Hero and Friend Shall Be

Dearly Missed But Never Forgotten

 WINDSOR -- Mr. Robert Alvin Moon, 42, entered into rest on Saturday, April 24, 2010, at his residence. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday at Millbrook Baptist Church with the Rev. Dr. Eddie Leopard and Chaplain Howard Burgess officiating. Interment with honors will follow in Southlawn Cemetery.


EMS Week 2010-Medium | News & Events 2010

EMS WEEK 2010!!!

Palmetto Ambulance would like to take the time to thank all of those who serve in the EMS industry. 

We especially thank our Associates and Partners for all of their hard work to truly show we have "Hands That Care"


Cola May IST 2010-1 | News & Events 2010

“Palmetto Nights” Premiers in Columbia SC

The May 10 in-service was kicked off with a premier of “Palmetto Nights”.  Unfortunately due to technical difficulties with the audio, we had to watch it in silent movie form.  It still provided a few laughs and everyone was encouraged to go check it out on



G'ville IST May 2010-1  | News & Events 2010

EMS Week in the Upstate


It's National EMS Week!  And it's time for celebration in Greenville.  The associates arrived at in-service on Tuesday night to be met by extra special "thank-yous".  A big cake displaying a PAS ambulance reading "Happy EMS Week" and special gifts of a pocket knife and water bottle were just small tokens of the appreciation for everything that these special people do on a daily basis.


Aiken June 2010 IST - 1 | News & Events 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

 On June 1st the Aiken In-Service kicked off with just that, delicious chicken and ended with a night full of commendable awards.



Cola IST June 2010-11 | News & Events 2010

 Full Steam Ahead!!

The Columbia in-service on Tuesday June 7, 2010 was kicked off with a true All-American cook-out with grilled corn-on-the-cob, potato salad and seasoned to perfection yard bird filets.  Compliments to our very own Ronnie Bonetto for showing off his culinary skills! 


G'ville IST June 2010-1 | News & Events 2010
Nothing says summertime like the smell of hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. At Tuesday night’s In-Service in Greenville that’s exactly how we kicked things off. Account Manager, Clint Richey and CEO Keith Stille took to the grill and fired it up. 

Aiken IST July 2010 | News & Events 2010
Summertime is here and it is HOT!! Luckily, the Aiken conference room has a well equipped AC unit (AKA Alaskan igloo) that kept everyone cool during In-Service on this hot July day. Cold refreshments and plenty of pizza were a perfect match to start off this laid back evening.


Biggest Loser Medium Size | News & Events 2010

Biggest Loser Finale!!!

After the gauntlet was cast, eighty brave souls stood tall with aspirations of creating a new image for themselves. Was it the excitement of the competition? Was it the inspiration of becoming healthy? Or was it the thrill of potentially winning some mullah?


COLA July 2010 IST | News & Events 2010

 Columbia is Playing a Full House!

The Columbia station had a new look for the July in-service, the look of a crowded room. The Columbia station is growing with new associates coming on board, almost weekly. 


G'ville IST July 2010 | News & Events 2010

A Touching Night 

Greenville associates had a very special night at In-Service on Tuesday, thanks to a very special guest. Argyle Neely, wife of the late Cecil Neely was gracious enough to come and visit with the Palmetto Ambulance family. 


Palmetto Mourns the Passing of a Friend
Linda Scott3 | News & Events 2010Often times in the EMS world, we go about our daily lives treating and transporting neighbors and strangers from all walks of life. Factory workers, farmers, sales clerks, CEOs, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters and our job remains constant, be professional, treat with skill and compassion, and transport safely. In my nineteen years in EMS, I can count on two hands the number of times a Thank You was bestowed upon my partner and me. It wasnt that we werent doing our job effectively, or professionally for that matter, but when a loved one was in need of care, the patient and family members were focused on their circumstances and loved one, and understandably so.
Safety Day G'ville 2010-4 | News & Events 2010

Upstate Safety Day

Greenville associates Lindsay McMillan and Kristy Kelley took some time     out of their busy schedules to talk to some local Montessori School     students about their passion for their industry.  The Mauldin Montessori School in Mauldin, SC planned a special day for their summer             students revolving around safety.

Associates Pay Respects Cecil Neely Small | News & Events 2010

Palmetto Mourns the Loss of a Friend

 A long time friend of Palmetto Ambulance Service, Cecil Neely, was laid to rest on Sunday, July 18, 2010.  We had the privilege of caring for Mr. Neely for the last five years and during that time we had the opportunity to get to know an extraordinary individual whom we will deeply miss.


Aiken IST August 2010 | News & Events 2010


KUDOS to All!!
Team Aiken celebrated a BIG night of awards and recognition during the August 10th In-Service. The whole evening was filled with everyone showing appreciation towards one another and proving that they really do have “Hands that Care.”



Aiken IST Oct 2010 | News & Events 2010

 Do I Know You? 

No it’s not a pick up line, well not this time any way! The Aiken conference room was filled with laughter as everyone was asked to write down a little known fact about themselves.


Aiken ISt Sept 2010 | News & Events 2010


Movin’ on Up

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Well no one technically screamed for it but sundaes were a nice delight after dinner during the September In-Service in Aiken.  The jam packed evening was filled with awards, team skill building games and an introduction to the new wireless EMS charts for all associates.  




Cola IST Aug 2010 | News & Events 2010

 An Award Fiesta
On August 29 Jimmy Fallon will be hosting this year’s Emmy Awards, however that show won’t hold a candle to the Palmetto Ambulance Awards show Robert Lewis put on last week. I was wondering why I was walking on a red carpet as I entered the station. I could barely find my way to the door with all the paparazzi flashing their cameras at me. I started to feel like a movie star until I turned around and realized they wanted a photo of the night’s true honoree, Marie Argoe.


COLA IST OCT 2010 | News & Events 2010
For the past few months, much of our in-services centered on praises, compliments and pats on the backs for the great work everyone has done in the Columbia market. And with what looks to be another record breaking month in October there is no reason why the party should stop.


Cola IST Sept 2010 | News & Events 2010

 In-Service of Love

We have all heard the year 1969 referred to as the “Summer of Love”. Well, Monday, September 13 will always be known as the “In-service of Love” for the Columbia market.


Gville Aug IST 2010 | News & Events 2010

Teamwork In Greenville!!

Greenville's latest In-Service was held Tuesday and "teamwork" was the theme of the night. Safety Officer, Derrick Phillips showed great teamwork filling in for Clint on the grill. The associates enjoyed mesquite grilled chicken sandwhiches. With all of the compliments on the meal we may have to give him the job full time!


G'ville IST Sept 2010 | News & Events 2010
 Hot Off The Grill!!
Greenville's September In-service got kicked off early with a full agenda and full PLATES!  Ronnie Bonetto with cooker in-tow arrived around 3:30 on Tuesday afternoon ready to do some major grilling!  Safety Officer, Derrick Phillips, assisted Ronnie on the grill preparing some of the juiciest ribeyes you have ever layed your eyes on.  Also on the menu were baked potatoes, salad and Texas toast. 


Aiken IST Dec 2010 | News & Events 2010

On-Call Calvary  

What does a facility, hospital or patient do when it’s the middle of the night, they need transportation, and no other companies are open for business? Simple, they pick up the phone, dial our number and ask for the Palmetto “On-Call Calvary”.


G'ville Christmas 2010-3 | News & Events 2010

Greenville Christmas 2010

Greenville Associates gathered together for food, fun and fellowship to celebrate the Christmas holiday.  All but a couple of Greenville employees were able to attend and we were even blessed with some guests from Dispatch in Augusta, GA and Mike Kinney, the Area Supervisor from Aiken.  


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