Emergency and non-emergency ambulance, general medical transports & healthcare services.

Our Associates

Provide high-quality services to more than 40,000 patients within the communities they live.
We invest in leading technologies and our people who deliver highest levels of professional care. We are dedicated caregivers for the communities we serve through:
  • Advanced & Basic Life Support (ALS, BLS)
  • Ventilator & Bariatric
  • Long Distance & Wheelchair
  • ALS resources for 911
  • “Timely-service” Metrics for Quality Standards
  • EMS coverage for community events
  • Air Ambulance Transportation

In every community served by Palmetto Ambulance Service, we have associates who are neighbors, friends and family. As part of our ongoing commitment to you, we remain open to new ways to invest in the communities we support.

Palmetto Ambulance also serves the greater United States through collaboration to advance EMS industry technologies. One of Palmetto's recent-most investments is the new disaster relief unit pictured above and linking to a description of the DISCOMMAND model program. Additional care for community solutions includes BusHope sponsorship and The Aiken Palmetto Team.